Google is planning to launch a ChatGPT competitor soon

Google is planning to launch a ChatGPT competitor soon

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, revealed the company’s plans to launch a ChatGPT competitor soon. He revealed Google’s plans to integrate AI elements to its search engine. During the Q4 results call on Wednesday, Pichai stated that customers will be able to interact directly with its newest and most powerful companion to search in experimental and innovative ways very soon. Google Search will use the company’s own language model, Language Model for Dialogue Applications. It will assist the browser in returning accurate and conversational query results.

According to Pichai, the new search will be available for testing in the coming weeks and months. The development is expected to take place during the Google IO 2023 event, which is scheduled for May. During the results call, Google CEO frequently addressed the capabilities of AI and how ready the world is to embrace it, referring to the response for ChatGPT. “AI is the most significant technology we are working on right now,” stated Pichai. Furthermore, he stated that Google will soon provide new tools and APIs for developers to build and design their own AI apps. Concerning AI chatbots, Pichai stated that the company has been spending for some time and that it is evident that the market is ready to use AI powered platforms. “I feel comfortable with all of the investments we’ve made to ensure we can develop AI ethically,” he continued.

Meanwhile, hackers may have obtained some personal data from Google Fi subscribers in a recent cyberattack, according to the American tech conglomerate Google. The Verge, an American technology news website, stated that the cyberattack was most likely related to a T-Mobile data leak earlier this month. Google informed Google Fi consumers via email that the cell network’s major network supplier had become aware of suspicious activities in a system containing Google Fi customer data. According to Google, hackers may have acquired access to some customer data via the compromised system, including phone numbers, SIM card serial numbers, account status, and information on mobile service plans.

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