OpenAI tech will generate email replies for busy salespeople at Microsoft

OpenAI tech will generate email replies for busy salespeople at Microsoft

3 February 2023

To generate more revenues from Salesforce Inc. artificial intelligence capabilities are being added by Microsoft from Chat GPT maker Open AI as another of its products.

It is considered to be a customer-relationship app.

Microsoft generates email replies to clients using OpenAI’s product Viva Sales for creating text. Through Viva sales, Microsoft office and video conferencing programs are connected with customer relationship management software.
OpenAI’s GPT 3.5, an AI tool will obtain data from customer records and office email software and the information will be processed to generate emails using customized text, pricing details, and promotions.
The Viva Sales app was initially released in October and works with Microsoft’s Dynamics customer management program and that of rival Salesforce. The app is free for users of the premium version of Dynamics and costs $40 per user for Salesforce customers.

Microsoft struck an investment deal with OpenAI earlier in January, that was worth $10 billion and has been adding the AI research shop’s products and systems into software for computer programmers and the cloud.

According to the executives, Microsoft is considering using Chat GPT to enhance its Binge search engine and a wide variety of consumer and commercial uses for OpenAI’s work.
Since its launch at the end of November, ChatGPT has attracted the attention of internet users. As it can imitate human conversation, speculation was made about whether it can replace professional writers and has even the capability to pose a threat to the core search business at Alphabet Inc.’s Google. The organization behind OpenAI charges developers to license its technology and make money

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