GTA VI pre-order starts from December 12? Here is what we know so far

GTA VI pre-order starts from December 12? Here is what we know so far

The popular Grand Theft Auto game developer, Rockstar Games, said earlier this month that the GTA VI trailer will be released in December. Additionally, as GTA VI’s trailer reveal date approaches, online rumors and conjectures about what the game might contain are circulating. Additionally, a recent rumor stated that GTA VI pre-orders would open on December 12 for enthusiasts. A screenshot that went viral served as the basis for the rumor. 

GTA VI to go for pre-order on December 12?

The idea that Grand Theft Auto VI will be up for pre-order on December 12th, according to an HT report, was sparked by a snapshot of an exchange between a GTA enthusiast and a British retailer called Argos. It appeared from the snapshot that Argos had verified the pre-order date.

But after getting in touch with Argos Support, Rockstar Universe, a website devoted to Rockstar Games, disclosed that GTA 6 will only be accessible for pre-order after the official release date was declared.

Rockstar Games has only officially confirmed the date of the trailer debut thus far; the game’s official release date has not yet been disclosed.

GTA VI trailer date announcement

Rockstar Games announced the date of the GTA VI trailer reveal on Instagram. In a statement, the business said that as it approaches its 25th anniversary, it has had the chance to produce games that it is “passionate about.” The Rockstar Games crew also conveyed gratitude for their player base, stating that without them, nothing would be possible.

“We are very excited to let you know that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto,” Rockstar Games posted on Instagram, confirming that the GTA VI teaser will actually be released next month. We hope to continue sharing these experiences with you all for a very long time.”

Rockstar Games had previously stated in February of last year that the game was being developed. Since then, a number of other game-related speculations have also made headlines, one of which stated that this time around, the protagonist would be a girl who is modeled after Bonnie and Clyde.

GTA VI gameplay video leaked

The speculation that Grand Theft Auto VI would have a female lead was stoked when a hacker released a video of a female character robbing restaurants. According to reports, teapotuberhacker uploaded about 3GB of GTA 6 video files to GTAForums.

More than ninety of the game’s videos, which revealed some important details, were accessible to hackers. Additionally, the leaker had stated that they had direct access to the videos via Rockstar Games’ internal Slack channel.

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