Netflix Originals ‘Scoop’ and ‘Kohrra’ Shine Bright at the 2023 Filmfare OTT Awards

Netflix Originals 'Scoop' and 'Kohrra'
Shine Bright at the 2023 Filmfare OTT Awards

The glittering night of the Filmfare OTT Awards in Mumbai unfolded with a celebration of exceptional talent and outstanding performances, where the stars of the digital realm shone bright. Among the noteworthy winners were Netflix series ‘Scoop’ and ‘Kohrra,’ along with Prime Video’s ‘Jubilee,’ securing their places as the big victors of the evening. Prime Video’s ‘Jubilee,’ directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, emerged victorious, clinching the Best Director award, a testament to Motwane’s directorial prowess in delivering compelling narratives. The series not only captured the technical brilliance but also left an indelible mark in the directorial domain.

In the realm of gripping drama, ‘Scoop,’ the Netflix original, took home the coveted Best Series award, showcasing its excellence in storytelling and execution. The show not only garnered acclaim for its compelling plot but also elevated Karishma Tanna to the spotlight as she claimed the Best Actress award for her outstanding portrayal.

The gripping narrative of ‘Kohrra,’ another gem from Netflix, was recognized across various fronts, with the Critics’ Best Director award going to Randeep Jha. Suvinder Vicky’s powerful performance earned him the title of Best Actor in a Series, while Barun Sobti secured the Best Supporting Actor accolade, further cementing ‘Kohrra’s’ dominance at the awards ceremony. In the acting realm, Rajshree Deshpande’s commendable work in Netflix’s ‘Trial By Fire’ earned her the title of Best Actor, Series (Female) Drama. The show, centered around the tragic Upahar cinema fire of 1997, not only touched hearts but also garnered critical acclaim, adding another feather to its cap with the Best Series Critics award.

Adding to the roster of winners were TVF’s ‘Tripling Season 2’ and ‘TVF Pitchers Season 2,’ showcasing TVF’s prowess in delivering compelling content. The night celebrated not only outstanding performances but also technical brilliance, acknowledging the intricate work that goes behind bringing these stories to life on the digital canvas. The Filmfare OTT Awards, held on November 26 in Mumbai, witnessed a gathering of stars from the digital world, a testament to the growing influence and significance of digital platforms in the realm of entertainment. As these remarkable shows and actors take a bow, the digital landscape continues to evolve, promising more exceptional narratives and performances in the times to come.

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