Here's how to alter texts you accidentally sent using WhatsApp'

Here’s how to alter texts you accidentally sent using WhatsApp’s newly announced edit feature

Finally, a new Edit button functionality for WhatsApp has been made available to all users. The platform just released yet another significant change to the messaging app, adding an option to allow you to lock some private talks. Users of WhatsApp will have a 15-minute window to correct any incorrect messages they may have sent to anyone. This is a really helpful feature because it eliminates the need to remove entire messages because you can now alter individual sentences or words using the edit button.

“We’re thrilled that you will now have more control over your discussions, including the ability to edit typos or provide extra information. Within 15 minutes of sending the message, you must tap and hold it for a few seconds before choosing the “Edit” option from the menu,” the company stated in a blog post. The new WhatsApp function will spare users from the humiliation of sending inappropriate texts. The 15-minute time limit isn’t too short and ought to be adequate for most people. The time restriction to alter the message, however, can look a little shorter if you submit a lengthy message.

The company, which is owned by Meta, has announced that it has begun rolling out the new version for customers, but keep in mind that not all users will have access to it right away because there are billions of people who use the app, so it will take a few days to reach everyone. Here’s how to change WhatsApp messages that you may have sent by error.

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app, then navigate to any chat.
Step 2: Simply long-press the message that you unintentionally sent.
Step 3: To edit the text, tap the Edit Message option that will now appear. Your task is now complete.

Remember that you will only have a 15-minute opportunity to update your message on the messaging platform. After that, if you mistakenly type something incorrectly, there will be no way to fix it except to erase the message.

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