LinkedIn set to introduce gaming, job-seekers can now play games while looking for new roles

LinkedIn set to introduce gaming, job-seekers can now play games while looking for new roles

Millions of people use LinkedIn, one of the most well-known job-search websites, worldwide. The platform is renowned for seamlessly connecting recruiters with candidates, and it has made the job search easier. As everyone knows, looking for a job can be extremely exhausting and require countless hours of scrolling, inputting information, contacting people, etc. But LinkedIn wants to make the entire process more enjoyable.

A recent report claims that the platform is considering the possibility of combining job searching and gaming. You did indeed read correctly. It may soon be possible to use LinkedIn to play games and search for a job at the same time.

A TechCrunch report claims that LinkedIn intends to enter the gaming industry. According to the report, the company is working on puzzle games similar to Wordle, which The New York Times acquired in 2022 and quickly became a huge hit. These games are dubbed Queens, Inference, and Crossclimb.

Additionally, evidence of LinkedIn’s gaming endeavors has been discovered by researchers, including elements that connect player scores to their places of employment. In an interview with TechCrunch, a LinkedIn representative confirmed the gaming initiative but gave no timeline for when it would go live. According to the spokesperson, these puzzle games are meant to improve the platform’s fun factor, foster stronger bonds between users, and spark dialogue.

Additionally, a researcher discussed LinkedIn’s gaming initiative on X.

LinkedIn is developing games within apps! A variety of games will be available, and businesses will be placed in the games according to the performance of their employees! His tweet read, “Pretty cool and fun, in my opinion.”

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is not the only social media site that incorporates gaming into its user interface. In-app games are already available on a lot of other websites, like Facebook from Meta, to entertain users.

Conversely, Microsoft is the parent company of Xbox and has a significant presence in the gaming industry. It is reasonable to wonder if Microsoft will have any influence over LinkedIn’s gaming endeavors. A representative for the company hasn’t commented on the matter yet, but it will be interesting to watch how things work out in the long run.

LinkedIn announced that it was letting go of over 600 workers in October of last year. The company had stated in a blog post announcing the layoffs that changes in talent were “difficult, but necessary” for running their business. The business revealed that 668 workers from the engineering, product, talent, and finance departments had been let go.

Changes in talent are a challenging but regular and essential aspect of running our company. The blog post stated that as a result of the changes we shared with our team today, our engineering, product, talent, and finance teams will be losing about 668 roles. 

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