Got that song stuck in your head? You can soon find it on YouTube Music by just humming or whistling

Got that song stuck in your head? You can soon find it on YouTube Music by just humming or whistling

Everybody has experienced moments when they could only recall the melody of a song but not the entire lyrics. And to be completely honest, forgetting the name of the song can be pretty annoying. This issue was resolved last year when the YouTube mobile app allowed users to search for songs simply by humming. However, the YouTube Music app, a website devoted to music enthusiasts, lacked this feature. And now, rumors have it that something is about to change.

Soon, users of YouTube Music will be able to simply hum or whistle to find a song. However, iOS users will have to wait a little while longer to be able to utilize the feature, as it will only be available on Android phones.

Users can whistle, sing, or hum the melody, and YouTube Music will take care of the rest, according to a 9 to 5 Google report. According to the report, there will soon be two tabs for song search on the YouTube Music app. Users won’t need to remember the song title thanks to the new dedicated button.

To utilize the new feature, first launch the YouTube Music app on your Android smartphone. Next, depending on your app version, tap the search bar or find the special “hum-to-search” button. The button, which you currently use to search for music by voice, is probably going to be right next to the microphone button. Once you hit the specialized hum to search button, you will have to hum, sing, or whistle the song’s melody for ten to fifteen seconds. YouTube Music will analyze the audio using cutting-edge AI technology, and based on the closest musical fingerprint, it will present you with a list of possible matches.

The finest aspect? You can hum at all; you don’t have to be an expert vocalist or have perfect pitch. The hum-to-search feature on YouTube Music promises to make it easy to find new music and revisit old favorites.

In a similar vein, YouTube Music is developing a feature that will be helpful to all podcast listeners. An additional report from 9 to 5 Google had previously disclosed that a Trim Silence feature for podcasts would be coming to YouTube Music soon.

This function, which is frequently seen in other podcast apps like Google Podcasts, recognises quiet spots in a podcast and automatically cuts them out, giving the podcast a little bit less runtime. The most recent update included strings that suggested this feature might soon be made available to users.

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