Look Forward to Google’s Pixel: The first foldable smartphone

Look Forward to Google’s Pixel: The first foldable smartphone

Google showed the official teaser of its new Pixel phone in a short YouTube video that had almost 130,000 views. The video describes a folio-style handset from various side views and a full-fledged view. Those who are interested in receiving updates for the new Pixel model can go for sign up on the stated Google landing page.

The slow start of foldable phones can be monitored in the US. The latest announcement can bring smartphone technology but there are apprehensions related to the durability and high price. The stated reasons have kept the buyers away.

To explore the feature visit: https://youtu.be/Q4eEH2nRU1U

The foldable is launched under two categories: Pixel Fold, a folio-style foldable, and the Samsung Galaxy Z, a horizontally fold open phone. The flip phone by Motorola Razr uses a clamshell form factor that focuses on portability. They become half a size when folded and fit into your pocket easily. It meets the buyers’ personal preferences.

Rollable is also a display smartphone by Lenovo. The height of the display can be increased through mechanical apparatus. Lenovo is working on the Laptop based on the same model.

Which flexible phone are you looking for? Where clam shells offer a nostalgia attached to it but folio offers a larger screen space.

Eventually, Google will share more details on Pixel Fold during the I/O 2023 keynote on May 10

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