Microsoft Designer – The AI Designing Tool For New Age Designing

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new graphic design app called Designer. It will be available for free and as part of Office subscriptions.

If you have been struggling with your graphics, this app might be the answer to your prayers. Representing an alternative to the popular design app Canva, 20 million monthly active users and with a $40 billion post-money valuation. The company has had a lot of success so far and its valuation has been trending upward. It is not currently experiencing any problems as inflation or recession fears have not affected the software industry.

Microsoft has recently released more capabilities for Office, making a universal subscription the best way for businesses of any size to operate. This is because Office controls the market and companies keep creating new ways to make subscriptions more relevant. The closest competitor to Google Cloud is their own rival, Microsoft. On Tuesday, the CEO of Microsoft Azure said that Workspace will soon have more than 8 million paying subscribers. This is a big improvement from April when Numbers had over 6 million active subscribers.

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