Preferred destinations of Indian students for higher education is to Study Abroad

According to a recent study by edtech platform Leap, post-Covid-19 pandemic students are narrowing their courses for higher education and destinations as well to pursue the same.

Countries like the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia were earlier considered unconventional for overseas education but now these countries are among the top preferred destinations.

As per the study titled Leap-Ipsos Strategy3 Study Abroad Outlook Report

42% of the Indian students are exploring non-English speaking countries like France, Italy, Japan, and other Scandinavian countries.

According to the report, factors that are influencing these preferences are comparatively lower tuition fees, permanent residency pathways, scholarship opportunities, and interest in niche specialisation.

Among Indian Aspirants, the other preferred overseas education destinations are the Netherlands, the UAE, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Leap Co-founder Vaibhav Singh said, “While the percentage of Indian students travelling to these newer countries is still at the nascent stage, the trend seen is quite promising. Indian students slowly expanding their horizons in terms of their choices is going to define the next era of diversification in the overseas education space.”

More than 46% of the respondents of the survey prefer France as their destination choice. Among these 25% of the students prefer courses in Finance and Accountancy and 17% in commerce and business management.

Italy is becoming the other preferred destination among other European countries because of the low cost of living and tuition fees. 21% of the students chose to study commerce and business management and 17% chose data science as their preferred courses in the country.

Around 21% of the respondents of the survey preferred courses in acting, drama, film, languages, literature, and music in Denmark which is offering arts and culture programmes.

The survey results are as per the responses given by as many as 556 students for July-August 2022.

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