Shocking! A Man Save Rs. 17,850 With The Help of ChatGPT

Shocking! A Man Save Rs. 17,850 With The Help of ChatGPT

The CEO of robot lawyer startup DoNotPay, Joshua Browder has revealed that he is dependent for his financial planning on OpenAI’s GPT-4 to save his money. He announced that he was not only able to save $217.85 which is equivalent to Rs.17,850 by automating tasks through ChatGPT but also saved his precious time.
He shared his experience through Twitter that he was able to recover his lost or unclaimed money.

Browder, relying on AutoGPT for managing his finances, shared access to all his bank details, financial statements, and liability reports. This allowed the AI to assist him better in his financial management, resulting in Browder’s savings of $217.85 with its help. It is a testament to the power of technology that AI is revolutionizing the way we manage our finances and making it more accessible to all.

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More than 10,000 transactions were scanned by the bot once AutoGPT was given access to the bank account and financial statements. After this, it was found that every month $80.86 was spent from Browder’s account on unnecessary subscriptions that were offered to cancel by the AI.

After having conversation with the agents with the help of automated chats, the Bot by the use of USPS Lob API,was able to cancel the gym subscriptions. The next the bot scanned his mail and noticed an email of a Wi-Fi receipt of $36.99.After Browder confirmed that no action was taken against that email the bot drafted a persuasive email on an immediate basis requesting a refund. Within 48 hours he received the easy refund which had been pending for a long time.

Browder used the GPT-4 on his bills as well. The bot negotiated with Comcast and helped him get a $50 extra discount. Within 48 hours Mr. Browder was able to get $217.86 and he has other disputes in his kitty. He aims at saving $10000 via ChatGPT.

There are quite mixed opinions on the Twitter thread. Some believe that it is surprising and insane, whereas others said, People might not realize how quickly their lives will change once AI becomes more seamless. One user commented that the world might become unrecognizable. But few had their different opinion against the AI claiming that the world is not yet ready for this whereas the other said that he is not ready to share his financial information with the data collection app and would do the work in less time than the time required in scanning the accounts.

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