Stay Alert: Cyclone Mocha to hit Chennai this Weekend

Stay Alert: Cyclone Mocha to hit Chennai this Weekend

A formation over the Bay of Bengal may possibly convert to a Cyclone storm according to IMD. This Cyclone will affect Chennai and other surrounding areas over this weekend.

The IMD is continuously monitoring the current system to understand its intensity. As predicted if the cyclone forms, it will be named Mocha as given by Yemen. The said cyclone will move towards the North to reach the centre of the Bay of Bengal. The forecasts announced by IMD suggest that the intensity of rain will decrease in the next two days and with the dip in temperature the weather will be normal and comforting in surrounding areas.

Throughout the next 48 hours, thunderstorms and lighting will occur in the said city and surrounding areas with light rain in a few places. The temperature in these areas will range from 32-33 degree Celsius and 26-27 degree Celsius.

The reason behind the lower temperatures and light rain in certain parts of the city is due to a wind disturbance spanning up to 1.5km above sea level from southwest Madhya Pradesh to south Tamil Nadu, coupled with a cyclonic circulation situated over north Tamil Nadu between 3.1km and 5.8km above mean sea level. On Wednesday, the city experienced overcast skies, with some areas receiving light rainfall. The temperature in Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam observatories dropped to 31 degrees Celsius and 31.4 degrees Celsius, respectively, which is below average by 5.1 degrees Celsius and 5.7 degrees Celsius.

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