WhatsApp updated Polls and now allows users to caption photographs before sharing them

WhatsApp updated Polls and now allows users to caption photographs before sharing them

WhatsApp has around 2.24 billion monthly active users worldwide. To provide a smooth and user-friendly messaging experience to this large user base, the Meta-owned app keeps its crew busy building new upgrades and upgrading the platform. WhatsApp’s latest update includes some new features designed to make messaging more enjoyable and productive.

WhatsApp has revealed new features including upgrades to an existing function Polls as well as a new feature that will allow users to forward video and documents with captions. “As we continue to innovate the app, today we’re sharing several new features coming to WhatsApp that we hope will make chats a little more productive and fun,” Meta said in a statement. Let’s take a look at all of the new features that are becoming available to everyone on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Polls receive fresh updates.

WhatsApp is rolling out three new enhancements to its polls function, which debuted in November 2022. The features are intended to assist WhatsApp groups in gathering information and making common choices.

Create single-vote polls: WhatsApp has included a new poll creation option for users who want to acquire a clear and decisive response from their voters. They can restrict each voter to one vote by disabling the allow multiple answers option when creating a poll.

Search for polls in your chats: WhatsApp has implemented a new filter for messages that contain polls. Like the ones for images, videos, or links. Users can view a list of all results by pressing Search on the Chats screen, followed by Polls.

Stay up to date on poll results: WhatsApp will now notify poll designers when their polls receive votes. They will also be able to see the total number of votes, allowing them to conveniently track the responses.

Forwarding with Captions

WhatsApp understands that its users like sharing images with their friends and family. It already allows them to simply forward photographs, but it has now incorporated captions for forwarded media. When forwarding media with captions, it now includes the option to keep, delete, or rewrite them. When photographs and videos are sent without a caption, users can contribute one.

Sharing Captioned Documents

Before sharing documents, WhatsApp now allows you to add a caption. This can assist users in explaining materials such as newspaper articles or work documents. Notably, these improvements are currently being rolled out to users all over the world and will be available to everyone soon. Users can check for updates by downloading and installing the app from the app store.

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