Telegram’s Latest Update Features Overhauled Voice and Video Calls

Telegram's Latest Update Features Overhauled Voice and Video Calls

Telegram has elevated its user experience with the rollout of version 10.5.0, introducing a sleek redesign for voice and video calls. The messaging platform, widely embraced for its encrypted communication, now boasts a refreshed interface with new animations and dynamic backgrounds that adapt based on call status—ringing, active, or concluded. Telegram emphasizes that this overhaul is not merely aesthetic; it optimizes resource utilization, promising enhanced performance and extended battery life, particularly for older devices.

The update also extends the “vaporize animation” or “Thanos Snap” effect, initially introduced for auto-deleted messages on iOS, to Android users. This energy-efficient animation enhances the user experience when messages are deleted. Notably, Telegram’s commitment to innovation extends beyond calls and animations. The platform continues to enrich its features, empowering bots with enhanced capabilities. Bots can now react to messages, handle quoted messages, and provide prompt replies, enhancing the overall interactive experience.

In recent times, Telegram introduced a unique twist to the popular Stories feature, allowing users to edit their stories post-publishing. This flexibility enables users to modify visibility, captions, on-screen text, stickers, and more without the need to delete and repost. The Stories feature is displayed conveniently at the top of the screen, offering seamless access while retaining the full chat list and folders.

With over 800 million users, Telegram has evolved significantly since its 2013 inception as an ad-free messaging app. As users continue to seek secure and feature-rich communication platforms, Telegram’s strategic updates position it as a dynamic contender in the ever-evolving landscape of messaging applications. The latest redesign not only enhances visual appeal but also reflects Telegram’s commitment to efficiency and user satisfaction.

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