Zomato Adapts to Fuel Shortage: Hyderabad Delivery Agents Gallop on Horseback

Zomato Adapts to Fuel Shortage: Hyderabad Delivery Agents Gallop on Horseback

In a creative and resilient response to the fuel shortages caused by a nationwide transport strike, a Zomato delivery agent in Hyderabad’s Chanchalguda area mounted a horse to ensure timely food deliveries amid the chaos. As petrol pumps remained closed and long queues formed due to the strike by oil tanker dealers, the innovative delivery worker took to horseback, navigating through the crowded streets near the Imperial Hotel.

The viral video of the Zomato agent, clad in the distinctive red Zomato backpack, captured the attention of social media users, highlighting the lengths individuals go to fulfill their duties amidst challenging circumstances. The fuel shortage predicament arose as truck drivers participated in a nationwide protest organized by the All-India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC). The protest, triggered by concerns over the stringent penalties outlined in the new hit-and-run law, led to widespread panic buying and queues at petrol and diesel pumps across the country.

However, in a recent development, the AIMTC has called off the nationwide truckers’ strike. Following discussions with the government, which assured further consultations before implementing the controversial law, the AIMTC decided to end the strike. The new law mandates severe penalties, including up to 10 years in jail and/or fines, for drivers involved in fatal accidents who fail to report the incident to authorities.

As the Zomato delivery agent’s horseback journey captures public attention, it serves as a symbolic representation of adaptability in the face of challenges, embodying the resilience of individuals striving to uphold their commitments despite external disruptions. The video not only showcases the impact of nationwide strikes on daily life but also emphasizes the importance of innovative solutions during unforeseen circumstances.

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