Truecaller gets an AI spam blocking feature, here is how to enable

Image of Truecaller app open on a smartphone.

The well-known caller ID and spam-blocking app Truecaller has introduced a new function called AI spam blocking. The feature’s explanation suffices. Its goal is to stop spam calls. With the new ‘Max’ protection tier, spam calls are automatically blocked and it’s only available on the Truecaller Android app. But this premium feature is only available to app users who have paid for it. Everything you require is provided here.

Truecaller users may access the AI spam-blocking feature by going to Settings > Block in the app. Previously, paid users had two options for this setting: Off and Basic. With Off, users could identify spam callers without blocking them, and with Basic, they could automatically block calls that were flagged as spam by multiple users. Now that the Max tier has been introduced, users can choose to impose strict spam-blocking policies.

When the Max option is chosen, Truecaller will use sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and reduce spam numbers in order to proactively block calls from any known spammers. According to Tech Crunch, Kunal Dua, Vice President of Search at Truecaller, the company extensively tested multiple algorithms in a variety of markets to guarantee the efficacy of the spam blocking feature.

Although the Max spam blocking feature protects users from unsolicited calls, the company warns users that it may also unintentionally block legitimate calls. But in order to lessen these occurrences, Truecaller guarantees users of continuous improvements and modifications based on user feedback.

It’s crucial to remember that iOS limitations prevent caller ID apps from automatically blocking spam numbers, so Truecaller’s Android app is the only one with the AI-powered Max spam blocking feature.To utilize this feature, users must sign up for Truecaller’s Premium plan, which starts at Rs 75 per month and Rs 529 annually in India.

The company introduced AI-Powered Call Recording features for users in India a few weeks prior to the release of this new feature. Both the iOS and Android operating systems support it. With the help of this feature, users can conveniently and effectively record and manage important conversations by recording both incoming and outgoing calls directly within the Truecaller app.

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