Users of WhatsApp might soon be able to make stickers using AI

Users of WhatsApp might soon be able to make stickers using AI

A new revolution in technology is being ushered in by AI. Several AI models and features are being developed by major tech companies like Google and Microsoft to improve their platforms. Also not far behind is Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta. The company is apparently working on a number of initiatives based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, but it also has plans to add a new AI function to WhatsApp.

According to reports, the Meta instant messaging service is testing a new AI function that would let users design customized stickers using text-based commands. The functionality of the feature will be comparable to that of current generative AI models like DALL-E or Midjoruney from OpenAI. Wabetainfo reported that WhatsApp is now distributing version of the app, which includes the new AI function, to some participants in the Android WhatsApp beta program. Users will get a message on their sticker panel informing them of the new choice once the feature, which is presently in testing, is rolled out to everyone. There will also be a button that will produce these stickers.

How the new AI capability will operate is seen in a website screenshot.

Users must tap the button to make AI-generated stickers in order to use the feature. After that, they’ll type a prompt, such as “a cat wearing a hat” or “a dog playing fetch.” Then, WhatsApp will produce several stickers that closely correspond to the request. Users can simply tap any result they desire to add to the chat they are having at the time.

Additionally, the recipient will be able to recognize stickers produced by the new AI-powered feature. This could be another type of watermark, such as the Bing label Microsoft applies on photographs. Once everyone has access to the feature, it will be obvious. According to the report, security software from Meta will reportedly be used to manufacture the AI-powered stickers. Which generative AI model WhatsApp used for this feature is still unknown. The function is anticipated to be useful, allowing users to make straightforward and customized graphics that can be shared as stickers with their WhatsApp friends or groups, thereby giving their discussions a distinctive flair.

Concerns about privacy arise from the possibility that some users will utilize AI to make offensive or damaging stickers. Users will be able to report similar stickers on WhatsApp as well. What additional layers of security the platform will offer in the interim is not yet known.

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